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01/02/17 - Between 1439 and 1444, Giovanni de Fiesole (Florence, c. 1387-Rome, 1455), known as Fra Angelico, painted several frescos in the dormitories of the San Marco convent in Florence. In fact all the rooms in the convent, now transformed into a museum, had artworks by the artist, but most of them were lost. The deep spirituality of his works gave him a place of importance in the history of art. One of his paintings, the Annunciation, was described by art historian Giorgio Vasari as "astonishingly  beautiful, as created in Paradise". The scene, which can be seen today, shows Virgin Mary together with the angel Gabriel, and it's an example of his skills in the use of light and perspective.
The Annunciation, by Fran Angelico, San Marco Museum, Florence.

The rooms with the frescos
San Marco Museum, Florence.
View of the rooms
San Marco Museum, Florence
The convent is now a museum and the rooms are open to visitors. Unfortunately, only a few works by  Fra Angelico have survived.

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