Gyula Kosice – Tribute


What I wanted was to
walk through the edge of the century and still be
a builder of the future.
Gyula Kosice
07/11/16 - Some day we will see a Hydro-Spatial city and someone will remember that Gyula Kosice (1924-2016) had already imagined it in the 20th Century. Kosice, an artist who crossed the limits of Art, incorporating science and technology to his works, is currently receiving a tribute at the Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires. His close friend and curator of the exhibition, Rodrigo Alonso, unveils his less known works: approximately 20 pieces done in different periods, most of which belong to the museum's collection, but which were not on display. The exhibition, entitled "Homenaje", was not scheduled in the museum's anual calendar, but the death of the artist, in May, created the occasion.
General view "Homenaje" - Gyula Kosyce
Bellas Artes - November 2016
Kosice's big adventure was to give movement to concrete art, questioning pictorical representation. In 1946, when he founds the Madí Art group, he created artworks with neon tubes and, in 1948, he included engines and acrylics to his pieces. From 1950, his hydrokinetic sculptures became an obsession: he was seeking a way to "modulate" water.  Later he adds sounds, lights and digital technology, always wanting to spread the frontiers of Art.
Aerolito, by Gyula Kosice (1970)
Materials: plexiglas and fluorescent light / Measures: 58 x 58 x 30 cm
Relieve lumínico Color-Aire, by Gyula Kosice (1970)
Materials: acrylic, plexiglas, light, air / Measures: 70 x 50 x 15 cm
Kosice was an experimental artist and this is a tribute he should have had in life, since he had not had a solo exhibition in more than 20 years. 

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