10/24/16 - The sylphs are  spirits, objects of our imagination, which mediate between the living and the dead, the possible and the impossible. "Sylphs" is also the name that Cecilia Bengolea and Francois Chaignaud gave to their performance at Carlos Mota's exhibition Requiem, during the second meeting of La Internacional Cuir. The artists, with another performer, presented themselves on the ground floor of the MALBA last Friday, with a special device that would allow them to control their breathing while suspending all other vital functions to a minimum. The aim was to achieve a new understanding of the human body, of its life and death.

Sylphides, by Cecilia Bengolea and Francois Chaignaud
MALBA, 2016
In turns, the performers were vacuum packed in a black bag. While the packed shape of the body would lie on the floor, the performer outside made a sylphidic dance all around. Cecilia Bengolea, while in the bag, started twisting her body, causing viewers to wonder whether she should be helped or allowed to continue with her artistic expression. Bengolea, in fact, wanted to show a re-birth or resurrection.

Sylphides, by Cecilia Bengolea and Francois Chaignaud
MALBA, 2016
Between funeral ceremony and birth party, Sylphides is an interesting experience to visitors, which brings to mind other artists inspired by death.

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