10/31/16 - Art galleries are no longer just exhibition spaces: they now have their own curators, they lead their own investigations and display original montages. We can say they have "museum-ized" . It's what's happening at Oda, which is currently exhibiting several artists, brought together by the curation of Grace Bayala. The artworks are related to the subject of the earth as place of rebirth and are displayed in a remarkable montage, which plays with the visual and the olfactory.

Presencia - General view
Natalia Orlowski & Sofia Castro Cranwell
Oda - October 2016
The most noteworthy pieces are those by Natalia Orlowski: a series of paintings "touched" by Nature. Rain, wind and time have modified the work by the artist, creating a very particular Land Art, since it's indoors, as the curator points out.
Nenúfares, by Natalia Orlowski
La tierra es mujer, by Natalia Orlowski
Next to Natalia Orlowski, the talented Fabiana Barreda presents a nude that unites the earth with the cosmos and mankind. Laura San Martín participates with "Génesis", of the series Eva, a self-image related to the subject of the exhibition. The woman that tears the earth, by Sofía Castro Cranwell, is overwhelmed by pain, even though the skill of the artist hides the suffering features on her face.
Mujer II, by Sofía Castro Cranwell
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 100 x 100 cm
This is an exhibition worth visiting, to closely observe the works and their message, both enhanced by the clever montage.

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