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10/17/16 - BA Photo dominated this weekend's agenda. Here, some highlights:
1. The change of venue: La Rural gave a whole new perspective to the Fair.
2. The unmissable renowned, such as Horacio Coppola and Grete Stern, who still claim our admiration with museum-quality pieces.
Horacio Coppola
Grete Stern
3. The 60s, always present in the fairs in Buenos Aires. This time it was the turn of Michael Cooper (1941-1973), a privileged witness of his time, who registered the career and intimacy of Rolling Stones, the Beatles and other great artists, like René Magritte.
John Lennon, by Michael Cooper (Duke Street, London, 1968)
Magritte with the rose, by Michael Cooper (Belgium, 1967)
4. Silvia Rivas' installation. A step that never seems to happen, next to a marble plaque with a sculpted figure.
Of the series Momentum, by Silvia Rivas (2015)
Installation with video projection and Carrara marble
5. The three works bought by the MNBA. One of them from Vasari Gallery, whose proud representatives wouldn't stop commenting to who the red dot under the photo belonged. The other two pieces, portraits of the 50s taken by Boleslaw Senderowicz and George Friedman.
6. The originality of Jacques Bedel's works at Maman.
Trinity Church in Paris, by Jacques Bedel
From the Series Deus ex Macchina
R1136a F15 1/3
Digital print on laminated plastic / Measures: 120 x 240 cm
7. Alicia D’Amico's iconic portraits in silver gelatin on paper.
8. Flavia Da Rin's creativity in Ruth Benzacar.

Flavia Da Rin
Galería Ruth Benzacar
9. The photos with daily objects, by Gloria Matarazzo.
En levedad suspendida, by Gloria Matarazzo (2016)
Digital photo in studio / 8 pieces of 40 x 60 cm - 1/3
10. Water reflections by Inés White. A series of small photos which, if placed together, showed the reflection of the light on the water. Sold separately. Curated by Jorge Zuzulich.
Reflejos en el agua, by Inés White
BA Photo 2016

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