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When Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) decided, during his final years, to donate his works to the French State, he only ask for one condition: to be allowed to live till death at the Hotel Biron, in Paris. The hotel not only became his residence but today houses most of his works as it became the Musée Rodin. Visiting it is like entering his atelier, his very own creative lab. 
The MNBA has several artworks by Rodin, among them The Kiss and Balzac's head, which are also on display at the Musée Rodin.
The Kiss, by Auguste Rodin
Marble. Study work
Musée Rodin - Paris
General view of the museum
Up-front, study for Balzac's Head. 
Musée Rodin - Paris
In addition to the many study works and sculptures, the museum offers some photos of Rodin and his atelier.
The artist in his studio
Musée Rodin - Paris
Rodin's atelier
Musée Rodin - Paris
It iss not only worthy visiting the museum to see Rodin's atelier, but also because it offers the chance to tour around the gardens of the Hotel Biron, where bronze sculptures are displayed in splendour.
Le Penseur sur elément de chapiteau, by Auguste Rodin (1981-1982)
Gardens of the Hotel Biron - Musée Rodin, Paris

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