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On its second floor, the MNBA is currently exhibiting the collection donated to the museum by photographer Sara Facio (Buenos Aires, 1932). It's a bundle of 172 photos by national and international artists to be incorporated to the permanent collection of the museum, which has more than a thousand photos, making it the largest in Latin America.
The photos on display are gathered in different groups. One of them is Portraits and there you'll see two very interesting examples: the portraits of writers Victoria Ocampo and María Elena Walsh, this one taken by a very young Grete Stern (Alemania, 1904-1999), the German photographer that came to live in Argentina.
Victoria Ocampo, by Nicolás Schoenfeld (c. 1940)
María Elena Walsh, by Grete Stern (1952)
Among the Argentine artists, there are several photos by Marcos Lopez...
La ciudad de la alegría, by Marcos López (1993)
There's a curious example by Brazilian artist Nair Benedicto (1940): a photo of a group of women at work, which looks much like Jean-Francois Millet's, Les Glaneuses
Hilanderas, by Nair Benedicto (1985)
Sara tells that she has been collecting these photos for a long time and suddenly realised that such archive, with its many treasures, had to be shared with others. It's the case of the following photo: a self-portrait by another photographer, Annemarie Heinrich (Germany, 1912- 2005).  Facio explains it very well: "Photos exist when they are looked at, that's how the achieve true meaning..."
Autorretrato, by Annemarie Heinrich (1947)

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