Summer art: Swimming pools...


It's so hot lately... Some refreshing art can offer a bit of a relief...
Four artists, two Argentine and a Scandinavian dúo, produced artworks with swimming pools in leading roles. 
Pileta de Natación, by Leandro Erlich (2004)
Materials: concrete, glass, water / Measures: 280 x 402 x 697 cm
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan
Leandro Erlich (Argentina, 1973) created a pool with 10-mts of water over a glass floor. Below the glass there's an empty space with light blue walls where visitors can walk in. As a result, this interactive artwork encourages the participation of the visitors over and below the pool.
Los coleccionistas, by Elmgreen & Dragset
Denmark & Norway Pavilion
53th Venice Biennial, 2009
Michael Elmgreen (Denmark, 1961) and Ingar Dragset (Norway, 1969), one of the most innovative duos in Contemporary Art, represented both their countries as they worked together for Venice 2009 Biennial. The Norway's Pavilion became the house of a single and rich gay man who collected erotic artworks. In the living room, some of his friends are having a good time but, as visitors stepped into the garden, they were faced with a drowned man in the swimming pool. As the artists explained, "the body in the pool proved that nothing is as perfect as it seems..."
La terraza, by Pablo Suárez (1983)
Technique: Acrylic con canvas / Measures: 236.5 x 177.5 cm
And finally, the eccentric pool by Pablo Suarez (Argentina, 1937 –2006). This artist, born in Rosario, always recognised the influence Antonio Berni had on him and he shared with him the interest for the  the anonymous and marginal people of the city. Between 1981 and 1985, Suarez lived in the neighbourhood of Mataderos and his fellow neighbours invaded his paintings. In La terraza, he pays tribute to the ordinary man and popular culture. He portrays cartoonish characters in a particular recreational scene (the rooftop of a building with altered perspective), mocking other recreational scenes in the history of art.

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