The auction house Sotheby’s, at its London location, is presenting an exhibition entitled Reality Check, which showcases a series of sculptures by American artist Duane Hanson (1925-1996). The aim is to be able to see them up-close prior to being auctioned.
Reality Check - Duane Hanson
General View Sotheby’s, London.
November 2014 
The exhibition displays 5 hyper-realistic works representing ordinary people belonging to America's working class. Along his 40-year career, Hanson, a deep observer of the human condition, portrayed in his sculptures waiters, builders, tourists, and all kind of workers.
Man on a mower, by Duane Hanson (1995)
Materials: bronze polychromed on oil, with mower
Measures: 159 x 87 x 154 cm
Reality Check - Sotheby’s, London.
His work, placed on any kind of space, cause surprise, and even fun, to the visitors, specially when caught off guard.
Hogh School Student, by Duane Hanson (1990-1992) - Detail
Materials: bronze polychromed on oil, accessories / Measures: 179 x 62 x 43.5cm
Reality Check - Sotheby’s, London.
Bus Stop Lady, by Duane Hanson (1983)
Materiales: polyvinyl polychromed on oil, accessories
Measures: 165 x 61 x 56 cm
Reality Check - Sotheby’s, London.
Hyper-realism is a true and exact representation of the object or subject, almost photographic and, in painting, it uses certain optical-illusion techniques to enhance the realism. The result, usually of bigger dimensions, is cold and aloof.
Untitled, by Oscar Bony (1976)
Technique: acrylic on canvas / Measures: 190 x 190 cm

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