Carlos Gallardo, by day and night...


A unique opportunity: this exhibition can be visited any time of day (and night), because it is open at Palacio Duhau's Paseo de las Artes. Plus, admission is free. It's called Destiempos and Valeria González explained that, for Gallardo (Argentina, 1944-2008), "the limit of human life is not the measure of its nonsense, but of all man is capable of".
On & Off Allá Lejos, by Carlos Gallardo (1998) - artwork above
Technique: painting / Measures: 66 x 38 x 5 cm
On & Off Resonancia, by Carlos Gallardo (1998) - artwork below
Technique: painting / Measures: 46 x 82 x 6 cm 
His works are full of details, and he usually mixes old photographs with other materials...
Tiempo al Tiempo III, by Carlos Gallardo - Detail
Technique: painting / Measures: 41 x 55 cm
Destiempos XV, de Carlos Gallardo (2008) - Detail
Technique: painting / Measures: 104 x 75 cm
Destiempo XXI, de Carlos Gallardo (2008) - Detalle
Technique: photography / Measures: 74.5 x 104 cm 
Gallardo is a very peculiar artist, and this exhibition proves that talent and skills can be demonstrated in very different ways.

Donations of art...
The MNBA received the artwork El rey de los pordioseros by artist Kenneth Kemble (1923-1960) for its permanent collection. The museum had no examples of the Informalistic works of this key artist of Argentine Art of the second half of the 20th century.  Thus, the collection of the Museum increases and completes itself. 
El rey de los pordioseros, by Kenneth Kemble (1960)
Materials: sackcloth, wood, oil on hardboard, others / Measures: 180 x 100 cm

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