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The Palais de Glace is welcoming the sculptures, paintings and drawings presented at the Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, the National Art Competition, held in Argentina since 1911. The sculpture that was awarded the Gran Premio Adquisición belongs to Paulina Webb (Buenos Aires, 1960). It's a 2-mts-high color and geometric work which confronts the public directly. Entitled Desintegrándo-nos, is made of two shapes, perfectly constructed and knitted with transparent hoses. It belongs to the series Cristalino which the artist has been doing since 2011.
Desintegrándo-nos, by Paulina Webb (2014)
Technique: construction with transparent hoses, multi-laminated color / Measures: 210 x 90 x 60 cm
The Primer Premio Adquisición was for Gabriela Heras (Buenos Aires, 1965): an industrial color artefact with round borders which give a certain rhythm and lightness to a rigid structure as high as an adult. A strong and perplexing object of impeccable making.
Eslabones sueltos, by Gabriela Heras (2014)
Materials: MDF, aluminium, acrylic paint / Measures: 165 x 120 x 70 cm
Among the other prizes, there's a work by María Boneo (Belgrade, since 1968 in Argentina), of polished borders, rhythmic, gentle and very feminine.
Profundidad, by María Boneo (2014)
Materials: bronze, nickel / Measures: 122 x 42x42 cm
Artist Nushi Muntaabski presents a sculpture done with the materials she so perfectly dominates: mosaics. In this case she decided to cover beetroots made of foam with glass and Venetian mosaics, resulting in an object full of color and vitality. 
Remolacha (of the series Cultivos), by Nushi Muntaabski (2014)
Materials: Venetian and glass mosaics, foam / Measures: 125 x 200 x 80 cm
Karin García, born in Buenos Aires, places her work on the floor because it represents a bench. She likes to define her art as functional, as an active structure which can be used but also aesthetically appreciated.
Geometrías y no (of the series Rayados), by Karin García (2014)
Technique: Digital collage digital and print on acrylic plexi-glass / Measures: 57 x 140 x 40 cm
A great opportunity to see five extraordinary women which are example of the talented group of female sculptors our country has, as Lola Mora, María Heras Velasco and Yente...

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