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In the universe of Contemporary Art, you can sometimes catch little twinkling stars making their way through unusual paths. Drawing is what makes Franca Barone (born in Argentina in 1988, lives and works in Brooklyn) shine with her own light.
From the series Drawings, by Franca Barone
Technique: drawing on water-color paper
For this artist, who works with no preliminary sketches, nor a final result in mind, the narration springs up as the drawing flows, and humans mingle with animals and objects in absurd and inexplicable situations.
From the series Experimental Pattern, by Franca Barone
Technique: drawing on water-color paper
Sometimes a detail is repeated indefinitely, just adding touches here and there, as the artwork develops. In this tireless repetition, figures evolve, shift lightly and become ethereal.
From the series Color, by Franca Barone
Technique: drawing on water-color paper
Influenced by magic realism, with a certain touch of barroque and a bit of Cy Twombly, Franca Barone admits to feeling nostalgic about her home country: in her works we can see unconscious calls to certain Argentine masters of abstract drawing, as León Ferrari, or of realism, like Luis Benedit.

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