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Cooperation between art and fashion has already been largely proved. Art institutions around the world accept fashion as an artistic expression. Proof of that in the space dedicated to fashion at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Some artists have worked directly with the Maisons: Takashi Murakami imprinted his little drawings in Louis Vuitton's bags, Yayoi Kusama did the same with her infinite dots for a Marc Jacobs' collection and Damian Hirst stamped skulls on scarves and clutches for Alexander McQueen
On other occasions it's the disgners who take masterpieces, specially classic ones, to include them in their collections. Sometimes the public is challenged to recognise the influence of a certain artist in the pieces on the runway. 
Either way, fashion-makers usually seek inspiration in artworks of all time. In this post we'll see pieces done with images by Paul Klee, Alexander Calder and Pérez Celis, among others.
Let's see some examples...
Designer Thakoon Panichgul was influenced by American painter Cy Twombly and his colourful and bright works... 
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1Thakoon - Winter 2014 Collection.
2. Ferragosto V, by Cy Twombly (1961) - Technique: ail, crayon and pencil on canvas / Measures: 164.5 x 200 cm. 
Harbison's collection went for artist Alexander Calder and his wild shapes.
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3Harbison - Winter 2014 Collection.
4. Untitled, by Alexander Calder - Technique: oil on canvas.
Novis presented clothes with graphics inspired in Paul Klee.
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5Novis - Winter 2014 Collection.
6City Picture with Red and Green Accents, by Paul Klee - Technique: oil on canvas.
Aron Rose replicated the architectonic labyrinths of Robert Morris.
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7Aron Rose - Winter 2014 Collection.
8. Inmate Work Project: Perpetual Construction and Dismantling of the Labyrinth from In the Realm of the Carceral
, by Robert Morris (1978) - Technique: etching, signed and numbered in pencil / Measures: 121.92 x 93.98 cm
Artist James Siena geometric works in Raoul's collection...
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10Raoul - Winter 2014 Collection.
11. Floppy Combs, by James Siena (2008) - Technique: cotton on linen / Measures: 45.7 cm x 36.8 cm x 0.6 cm
Sarkany takes the contrasting palette of Argentine northern textiles, shown in Perez Celis' painting.
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11Ricky Sarkany - Winter 2014 Collection.
12. Rey América, by Pérez Celis (1961) - Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 146 x 89 cmMNBA

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