More and more things seem to bring these two museums of Buenos Aires together... They are few blocks apart and they share the same artists in their permanent collections, as can be seen now at the exhibition opened at the MALBA, Encuentros/Tensiones: Liliana Porter, Marcia Schwartz, Pablo Suarez, Guillermo Kuitka and Oscar Bony, among others. The works at the MALBA are more recents than those at the MNBA (though they cannot be seen by the public now, for they are awaiting the inauguration of the second floor hall)...
The thing is that works exhibited at Encuentros/Tensiones belong to the vast permanent collection of the MALBA which, as it is so large, there's not enough space to have it always on exhibition. Thus they are mostly kept in the basement of the museum, under strict safety conditions against intruders and art's greatest enemy: fire. 
In the exhibition you'll be able to see the work of two remarkable contemporary Latin American artists: Tomás Sarraceno and Oscar Muñoz.
Aluminium cloud of 10 modules, by Tomás Saraceno (2012)
MALBA's Collection
The work by Tomás Sarraceno (Tucumán, 1973) is exhibited in the Nuevos Mínimal area. It's a construction piece of net lines and polished surface. Rather futuristic, the artist found inspiration in the shapes of nature, such as the cells of a bee's honeycomb, but transformed it into a space element. Man, Nature and Space, brought together by one piece.
Lonely Editor, by Oscar Muñoz (2011)
Video projection with sound - MALBA's Collection
The previous photos belong to the same work by Oscar Muñoz (Colombia, 1951). It's actually a table over which a video is projected, showing a single hand moving the photos. It's located in the area Violencias and shows the approach of the artist to the subject of human fragility. Life, these days, can be taken away as easily as the photos in this piece are shifted.. 

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