The ideal house...


Who wouldn't want to live in a place made by artists, even if it meant taking some risks? What about, for instance, the unusual houses in the photos by Liat Elbling (Israel, 1980)?

Untitled II, by Liat Elbling
Technique: color photography
Maybe we could settle just with the facade, similar to the playful experiences made by Leandro Erlich (Buenos Aires, 1973).
Building, by Leandro Erlich (2004)
Instalation / Le Centquatre - Paris
Or just with an interior, as those by Vilhelm Hammershoi (Copenhague, 1864-1916), empty spaces that speak so much of its tenants... 
Intérieur - Strandgade 30, by Vilhelm Hammershoi (1904)
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 55 x 46 cm
Musée d' Orsay - Paris
We could add a room full of dear objects and memories and, of course, a pet... 
High & hungry, by Natalie Dybisz (a.k.a. Miss Aniela)
Technique: color photographie
And also the most famous room in Art History...
The Bedroom (first version), by Vincent Van Gogh (1888)
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 72 x 90 cm
A garden to enjoy in summer...
Naturaleza en silencio, by Ernesto de la Cárcova
Technique: oil on canvas / Measures: 90 x 70 cm - MNBA
And a pool, always a favourite among artists and cinematographers... 
A Bigger Splash, by David Hockney (1967)
Technique: Acrylic on canvas / Measures: 242.5 x 243.9 cm

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