Exhibitions in Buenos Aires... (Part III)


After a long time, the MNBA has opened the hall destined to Photography, on the second floor. Those climbing the stairs will not only exercise but will discover a brand new world. The music of Stockhausen guides the visitor through a road of black and white images of pain and grief. The big windows overlook the sculptures terrace and offer a relief from the devastation. It's reality, as seen through the lens of the artist. She captures tension in urban stories and places us in contexts so real and poetic that it's impossible not to feel moved by the intolerable and unfair. 
But, at the end, hope always prevails and, above all, love comes to heal the suffering.
"Adriana Lestido (Mataderos, 1955) offers us all the windows and, as we all know, windows can become doors. She has showed us all the mirrors but we know we can walk through them. She gave us back beauty and hope..."
Serie Madres Adolescentes
To visit... "Adriana Lestido. Lo que se ve. Fotografías. 1979/2007," at the MNBA. It can be visited till July 14th.
To read... "La belleza y la esperanza. Adriana Lestido. 1979/2007," by Chiqui González. Catalogue - MNBA

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